Your First Club Is Your Only Club - Framed A3 Print

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Your First Club Is Your Only Club - Framed A3 Print

Black framed print on sustainable and environmentally friendly Bamboo paper

Created by IQ Co-Founder Mike Williams, this quote summarises a philosophy all die-hard football fans buy into without a moment’s hesitation: the first club you support is the only club you support. 

The words capture that special bond football fans the world over have with their own team, where loyalty is paramount and simply switching allegiance to another club because your own isn’t doing well is not an option:

“Phrases like ‘glory hunters’ are used for supporters who jump ship at the first sign of trouble or lack of success, so I wanted to create a phrase that paid tribute to fans who stick with one team, regardless of the size of their trophy cabinet.”

Framed in real wood frames manufactured in Gloucestershire, UK, this product will arrive framed beautifully and ready to hang.

Bamboo print details

Bamboo is a natural, sustainable and environmentally friendly white paper made from 90% bamboo fibres and 10% cotton, resulting in warm-tones without optical brighteners.

The paper is acid and Lignin-free, which meets the requirements of an age resistant paper and is printed on pre-cut sheets using an inkjet, 12 colour Giclée print process, providing in-depth reproduction of colours and fine details.

  • 290 gsm, 90% bamboo fibres, 10% cotton
  • Natural white, without optical brighteners
  • Soft, lightly textured felt structure
  • Matt premium inkjet coating for outstanding print results
  • Acid and lignin-free
  • ISO 9706 conform / museum quality for highest age resistance
Wooden frame details
  • 25mm smooth matt black frame
  • 2mm glass with an MDF backing board
  • Frame manufactured from high quality solid wood
  • Sized perfectly for A3
  • Frame comes complete with hanging fixings
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