A Legend was Born Range of Hoodies

How many times have you thought about your favourite artist and wondered if the reason they became a musician was due to their fabulous stage name?

But behind these wonderful exotic names that sum up the persona of the individual, are their actual real names. We have created a range of unique simple designs, choosing musicians and artists that are venerated globally for their achievements in the world of popular music. However, to keep some of the mystery around the name we are only showing the birth name and date of birth.

Our tag line for this fantastic new range is “A Legend Was Born” because from humble beginnings these people went on to create some of the greatest songs and music in history.

We have chosen 5 male and 5 female artists that we hope you feel represent a cross section of some of the greatest talent to have ever lived. So why not order one of our unique pieces of apparel and showcase your favourite artist on the best cotton in the world.

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